My name is Eric, and I’m an all round freelance graphic designer working with clients around Sydney and Inner West of Sydney. Motivated to doing great work to bring that WOW factor or taking on the challenge to finding solutions to challenging problems. I’m constantly learning not matter how experience I am because there is always something to improve on. Creating visual graphics is my hobby and what I love doing as part of my job, living and breathing everyday. Through my extensive experience I have worked for various design studios, small companies to large international organisation providing graphic design services.

I create high quality communication visuals in print from the little A5 fliers, brochures, newspaper to magazine print ads to developing branding identity. From the digital media world of the web and interactive devices I have built websites when it first kicked off in popularity to today providing UI (User Interface) advice, implementing SEO and social media marketing. To an even more extreme level I have also work on AR (Argument Reality) UI graphic concept design on innovative technology currently in development said to be the next big gadget hit. Add to the list I have also worked on animation, visual effects for TV commercials and films which gives me a sense of satisfaction when I see the result on the big screen in the cinemas or TV.

Though this is not just a site created to win your design job, of course I really do, but it’s also built to share my ideas with the creative community. If time permits, I’ll put some blogs up to share some of my thoughts. Whether your also a creative artist or want to become one I hope we can learn. I’m passionate so I don’t know if I consider myself just a geek in the visual world because I do have other interest as well. I enjoy traveling and snapping a few photos. If it is sports I like snowboarding but I’m not very good at it and badminton. I watch F1 and get excited over the World Cup soccer matches, cheering for Australia to win any match. From time to time I watch movies from the Hollywood blockbusters to the Japanese or Korean films. I listening to music when in my car and love to catch up with friends over a coffee or tea.